Welcome to Flamepoeira!

When you support my products, you are not only endorsing my artistry, but also affirming your belief in an artist who has weathered countless storms with unwavering determination. Your endorsement resonates as a resounding "YES" to an individual who wholeheartedly strives to share the depths of his heart and the beauty of his art, bringing radiant smiles to the faces of many.

Every morning, it is the indomitable yearning to impart something profound and meaningful that rouses me from slumber, igniting a fiery passion that propels me to reach new artistic heights.



My Story…

"Go back to your country! You don't belong here." Imagine, if you will, the heart-wrenching experience of being callously thrown to the ground, trampled upon, and bombarded with the mocking echoes of harsh words. How would your spirit endure such adversity? 

Yet, what if the realm of the arts offered a sanctuary to disseminate hope, compassion, and humanity while preserving one's own sanity? What if an insurmountable Berlin Wall stood as an impediment to sharing the deepest recesses of one's soul?

The artistic odyssey emerges as a beacon of hope and courage, a testament to triumphant perseverance—a resilient spirit birthed amidst the crucible of adversity. Similar to a child who clings steadfastly to the memories of their family's arduous journey from desolate refugee camps to the welcoming shores of Boston, the opportunity to dream materialized against a backdrop of hardship.

Following the heart-wrenching loss of my only brother, a critical crossroad loomed before me—alcohol or art. It was the transformative voyage through painting, writing, dancing, and creating that breathed life back into my very being, transcending mere existence and infusing it with vibrant vitality. Through this journey, I have discovered the profound truth that happiness is a precious gift, one that must be intentionally bestowed upon oneself.

As I share my narrative, my earnest aspiration is for it to reverberate deep within your soul, engendering a profound resonance that inspires and uplifts.

Langelo (Founder/Executive Artistic Director)



Upon completing the design of our company logo, a revelation of profound significance struck me—the mirrored reflection bore a striking resemblance to the Chinese symbol for "big brother." Astonishingly, this artistic expedition has been unknowingly intertwined with the unwavering presence of my beloved sibling, a constant companion throughout the entire odyssey.



The name "Flamepoeira" embodies the harmonious union of flamenco and capoeira—two dances that have become intricately woven into the fabric of my existence. These art forms, born from the crucible of sorrow, strife, and the shackles of slavery, emerged as resplendent emblems of joy and celebration amidst adversity. The name itself carries profound significance, etching a lasting reminder in my consciousness that even in the depths of darkness, a radiant incandescence awaits. It is through embracing the darkness that I perceive and exalt in the ethereal beauty of illuminating light.