In supporting my products, you are saying, YES, to an artist who never gave up on himself! You are saying, YES, to a person who works tirelessly to share his HEART, the ART, to put smiles on people’s faces!

It is this desire to share something meaningful that pushes me out of bed every morning.


My Story…

“Go back to your country! You Don’t belong here.” What would you do if people shoved you to the floor, stomped on you, and barked at you?

What would you do if the arts offered you a chance to spread hope, compassion, humanity, while sustaining your own sanity, and yet a Berlin Wall prevents you from sharing your heart?

The art journey is one of hope and courage. A story of exultation — a child who must remember he was brought to Boston with his family, after living in the squalor of refugee camps, to be given the chance to dream.

After losing my only brother, it was either alcohol or art. It is the art journey: Painting, Writing, Dancing, Creating… that makes me feel alive, not just existing... and understanding that HAPPINESS is a gift I must GIFT myself.

In sharing my story, I hope it resonates with you.

Langelo (Founder... Executive Artistic Director)



It was after finishing the company logo, I realized looking at the logo in the mirror… it looks like the Chinese word, big brother. This entire artistic journey had been a journey with him all along!


The name Flamepoeira is the marriage of flamenco and capoeira. These two dances are part of my life. The dances originated out of sadness, struggles, and slavery when the gypsies in Spain and the African slaves in Brazil invented their dances to give themselves joy and hope when the basic means of life were taken from them. The name is fitting, and it holds extraordinary meaning to me. I’ll always be reminded that through the darkness, there’s light. Without darkness, I’ll not be able to tell it is light that I’m seeing.