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All dishes and desserts are beautiful to the eye. Perhaps what is most unique about Flamepoeira is the openness of the environment. Patron with reserved façades in other cafés in the North End suddenly turn warm when they enter—they greet each other and take on a relaxed easy-going feel. Something our city is not typically known for. The owner, Langelo, arrived in Boston with his family in 1980 after living a year in Malaysia's refugee camps. After training and working as a mechanical engineer, he decided to dedicate himself to his passions: dance, painting, writing, and luckily for us—opening a beautiful and creative café. Flamepoeira (the name is inspired by "Flamenco" and the Brazilian martial art/dance "Capoeira") opened last month. Langelo's idea was "to offer a haven where artists can socialize and exhibit their work." Check it out before the tourists find out. Read more...

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Time to ditch your sleepy regular for something a little more caffeinated. Namely, Flamepoeira, a new gallery and cafe in the North End, where fair trade coffee and fresh pastries await.

It's filled with low seating, fresh flowers, lots of pillows, and owner Langelo's (just one name please) bright, impressionistic paintings. He opened the spot as a place to display art—both his and others'.

Have a look while you enjoy tea with tapioca pearls, a portobello and mozzarella sandwich, or spicy beef pozole. Then mull over your manuscript or set up your mobile office: The wireless is free. Read more...

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"It took me only two seconds to fall in love with this funky little coffee & tea shop in the North End. From the moment I walked in, I immediately thought—this is new & different. This is funky, soulful and bright. This is a place I could come to and have a conversation during lunch—or bring a book and read—completely forgetting I live in Boston and just absorbing the warmth and bright quality of the whole place." Read more...