About the Artist & Flamepoeira

Download a sample chapter of Langelo's book, Learning to Breathe: A Memoir.

The third of seven children, at seven years old Langelo and his extended family fled their motherland. He arrived in Boston, Massachusetts in the summer of 1980 after surviving a year living in Malaysia's refugee camps. Langelo achieved his American dream in 1996—a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University. He soon discovered that pursing his artistic dreams brought a deeper meaning and happiness to his life. He currently performs and dances in theaters, exhibits his oil paintings, and is seeking representation for his three books, a memoir, Learning to Breathe: A Memoir, a murder mystery, Hell: A Place on Earth and A Blind Step Forward. On January 9, 2007, Langelo opened an art gallery café named Flamepoeira, inspired by his training in flamenco and the Brazilian martial art capoeira. Aside from exhibiting and selling his own work at Flamepoeira, he wants to offer a haven where people can socialize and exhibit their work.

He decided to name the gallery/cafe Flamepoeira, the combination of flamenco and capoeira. The two dances originated out of sadness, struggles and slavery, when the gypsies in Spain and the African slaves in Brazil invented their dances to give themselves joy and hope when the basic means of life were taken from them. The name is fitting and it holds very special meaning to him. He wants to work in a place where he'll be always reminded that through darkness there's light.

"It is perilous to explain away the ambiguity of a painting—one painting might be good for one person but not for others. The spectator should use his judgment and should not be influenced by the words or thoughts of others. To explain a painting is like defining it, setting guidelines for what a spectator should or should not see, not allowing the spectator to fully experience the painting with a non-biased view. To me, personally, it means that we, the artists, do not have faith in the spectators."
"The sun will shine only if you allow it—dreams die because you let them. Happiness is a gift you have to find the strength to give yourself!"